OAASC Standing Committees

Standing committees include: Executive,  Education, Reimbursement, Government Affairs, Finance and Clinical Quality and Outcomes. These committees form the true heart of the Association, bringing together a wide variety of participants to identify the needs of Ohio ASC's.

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For more information regarding participation in a committee, please contact the OAASC office at 614/358-0177.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the officers of the Corporation including the Past Chair, Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer, and such other officers and assistant officers as the Board of Trustees may authorize. The officers shall be elected by the Board of Trustees at its annual meeting, to hold office for one (1) year and until their successors have been duly elected and qualified, or until their death, resignation or removal. Only Trustees of the Corporation are qualified to serve as officers of the Corporation, except that a non-Trustee may serve as Treasurer. An individual may serve for a maximum of two (2) consecutive terms in any one office other than Treasurer (for which there is no limit). Each officer shall be required to fully and faithfully perform the duties associated with his or her office.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee evaluates and participates in the enhancement and promotion of membership services with a particular focus on recruitment and retention.

Education Committee

The Education Committee identifies and guides the development of quality educational programs for the membership based on the needs that have been identified by members, and provides resources to prospective and current members.  The Committee is also charged with the responsibility of identifying educational needs of OAASC leaders and management, and training of the OAASC Board of Trustees.

Reimbursement Committee

The Reimbursement Committee is responsible for developing and/or reviewing recommendations from the committee or other entities to enhance appropriate, optimal reimbursement opportunities for member surgery centers. Policy recommendations from the committee may include changes to Medicare, Medicaid, and Bureau of Workers Compensation.

Government Affairs Committee

The Government Affairs Committee advocates for legislation and regulation that enhance the provision of care provided by member surgery centers. The committee develops and/or reviews state and federal legislation/regulations and makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees.

Quality and Clinical Outcomes Committee

The Quality and Clinical Outcomes Committee is responsible for benchmarking data collection. Committee members determine appropriate data sources, collection processes, review methodologies and dissemination strategies.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for developing fiscal policies and investment proposals to include but not limited to: operational, unrelated business, retaining earning investments and future unrelated business income guidelines.