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Resources for Navigating the Change Healthcare Cyberattack

Have you been affected by the recent Change Healthcare cybersecurity issue?  The following information contains links and resources to help you navigate this challenge.

  • What Happened: On February 21, 2024, UnitedHealth Group discovered a threat actor had gained access to one of its Change Healthcare environments. Once aware of the outside threat, in the interest of protecting its partners and patients, UnitedHealth Group took immediate action to disconnect Change Healthcare’s systems to prevent further impact.
  • Response: Important steps have been taken to mitigate the impact this unprecedented cyberattack on the U.S. health system has had on consumers and those who provide and support care. Ensuring access to care and medications has been the priority, and UnitedHealth Group has worked to address critical challenges related to pharmacy, medical claims and payments. Learn more.
  • Resources:
    • Timing Updates: For current updates on the timeline to restore Change Healthcare systems for pharmacy services, payments, and medical claims, please visit the Change Healthcare Cyber Response Website.
    • Temporary Provider Funding Assistance: Need help bridging the gap in short-term cash flow needs? Find out if you’re eligible for financial support here or call 1-877-702-3253.
    • Pharmacy Network: Electronic prescribing is now functional with claim submission and payment transmission also available. We continue to work to address issues for a subset of pharmacies that are still offline, disruption for infusion pharmacies and challenges for some Medicaid fee-for-service customers. If you are experiencing any additional disruption to pharmacy services, please visit the Change Healthcare Cyber Response Website for updates. 
    • Submitting Claims/Payment: For additional information on workarounds for submitting claims/payment, guidance on prior authorizations and more, visit UnitedHealthcare’s Provider Portal.
    • Secure Data Transfer: Need help submitting claims or uploading and securely transferring larger files? Learn more about Optum iEDI secure data transfer.
    • Status Dashboard: Get regular updates about products and services, including uptime and support availability.
    • Need Additional Help? Contact Change Healthcare Client Services at: For Accounts Payable inquiries, email:

Have additional questions? Contact Heidi at the OAASC office:

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